Chemistry Magic Show

The students of Mrs. Smith’s first and second period watched, with anticipating eyes, Dr. Zehnder and a few of his students from Angelo State University as they did a few demonstrations in the lab. Many experiments, happening both inside and outside, was a fun way for the students to become interested in the Chemistry Department when they are thinking about a career to pursue  in college. Some of the experiments were called the “ASU Grenade,” which was a balloon filled with a gas thrown to the floor and it exploded. Also, there was an experiment that involved a bottle that took place outside in which, like the ASU Grenade, was filled with a gas and thrown into a puddle of water and also like the grenade, it exploded.

On April 12th and 13th, 2017, Dr. Zehnder, head of the ASU Chemistry Department, brought several of his chemistry students to Lake View to demonstrate many different topics that the PreAP Students have covered in class. The Chemistry Department at Angelo State University does this throughout the year. They go to schools across the district and put on a “Magic Show” in front of the students so that they can spark an interest in chemistry.

“Dr. Zehnder goes over some of the many different topics that the PreAP Students have covered in class. It’s a very interesting way the students can see the topics they are learning in class happen before them,” said Mrs. Smith.



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